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Claudia Kuhn beim ÜbersetzenState-approved translator for English

During my school education at the translator’s school English Institute in Heidelberg I first of all completed a qualification as state-approved foreign language business correspondent for English in 2002 and subsequently as state-approved translator for English, specialist field business.

This qualification was the prerequisite in order to be authorised as a certified translator at the Regional Court so that I can also certify my translations.

State-certified translator for Spanish

At the English Institute in Heidelberg I took the final examination in 2004 as a state-approved foreign language correspondent for Spanish. As, unfortunately, it was not possible to form a translator class at the time at the translator’s school in Heidelberg, I prepared myself years later in a distance learning course at the AKAD for the state translator examination for Spanish. In 2016 I passed the qualification as state-certified translator for Spanish.

With the qualification I was able to obtain the authorisation as a certified translator for Spanish at the Regional Court. I can therefore also offer certified translations.



Activity and apprenticeship in the legal field

  • Training as a legal assistant, Mannheim, 1996-99
  • Judicial employee and clerk of the court, Ludwigshafen Labour Court, 1999-2005

Activity and training as a translator

    • Studies at the English Institute in Heidelberg, 2001-04
      State-approved business secretary, English
      State-approved translator, specialist translator for business, English
      State-approved multilingual secretary, Spanish

  • Internship in a translation office, project management and translating, Nuremberg, 2003
  • Translator for English and Spanish, project manager in an international translations agency, head of the Würzburg branch, 2005-08
  • Part-time distance learning course at AKAD Stuttgart, 2012-15:
    State-certified translator for Spanish

Federal Association for Interpreters and Translators, incorporated association (BDÜ)

Since the start of my self-employed activity I have been a member of the BDÜ. As the professional title of a translator is not protected in Germany, the membership in the BDÜ is a quality feature. Only translators with a recognised translator qualification are admitted to the BDÜ. The association offers further training in subjects relevant for the profession, represents the interests of the translators, enables the exchange of information with other translators online or at events such as regional meetings or conferences and provides the members with constant up-to-date information about the developments on the market.

Federal Association for Interpreters and Translators, incorporated association, BDÜ, Logo
further training Kuhn translations

Further training

In order to keep my knowledge up-to-date, I regularly take part in seminars. Interesting, translation-relevant seminars are offered by the BDÜ. I took part in the following seminars: Translate law Learn, experience, understand English civil law (University of London) Contract translations – tips and tricks for the translation of contracts Company law Translation of documents Specialist language law: Introduction into Spanish law and Spanish legal language (Language Centre of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) Spanish texts in court proceedings Spanish inheritance law Learn, experience, understand Spanish civil law  –Spanish civil proceedings and Spanish substantive civil law (University of Granada) Translate business and finances Financial market and financial language Balance sheets Technology in the profession Numerous Trados and Multiterm webinars (e.g. managing Trados packages, TM settings, translation memories and termbases) Across for Beginners Wordfast Webinars Word Webinars (e.g. text modules, fast text revision, solid handicraft, layout for flyers and marketing materials) Excel – acrobatics with numbers and cells PDF – Plan format conversion with Abby FineReader SEO – search engine optimisation for websites of translators and interpreters Web design Internet for translators Audiovisual translation Entrepreneurial competence Basic entrepreneurial competence The focus on customers – successfully acquire and bind customers Fresh wind in the vocabulary – Arouse creativity with writing impulses Intercultural communication


I translate for lawyers, notary publics, private persons, translation offices and companies such as Deutsche Bank, UBS, Deutsche Telekom, Edmond de Rothschild, GlaxoSmithKline, hp Hewlett-Packard, IRC Finance, Iveco, Nordea Investment Funds, Siemens und Zurich Versicherung, AmRest.

"The translations are settled quickly and professionally. Also special enquiries for foreign authorities are implemented without any problems. If one of our customers would actually had needed the translation the day-before-yesterday already, we mostly get it the next day already. We are absolutely satisfied."

Karola Voigt, Referenzkundin
Karola Voigt

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